Friday's New Building Ceremony Information
Friday's New Building Ceremony Information
Posted on 11/21/2019
Principal Dreitz

Friday's New Building Ceremony Information 

Dear Parents, Students, and Educators:  Here is some information regarding Friday, November 22nd activities for Brush Middle School Students.

  • Ceremony:  BMS students will be bussed over to BHS  at 1:15 p.m. We will be in the regular Beetdigger gym, the one that will transfer over to be the BMS gym.  The ceremony starts at 1:30. Parents as well as the public are all invited to attend.

  • End of School:  The end of school for BMS students is 3:20. The busses will be there to pick them up from BHS.  If students are to walk home from there, we will be releasing from BHS. If students want to stay for the rest of the ceremony, which includes the ribbon cutting, they can. They are not required to stay after the 3:20 time.  If you pick up your child, you'll need to get him or her Brush High School tomorrow.

  • Tours and Student Tours: Our 8th grade Ambassadors and Student Council students will be going over to BHS at 8 a.m. in the morning to assist with tours and the elementary ceremonies. They received a tshirt and need to wear this tomorrow. They will be there all day. If any of these students can stay after 3:20, we would welcome that. They are needed to help with public tours of the new school.  

  • Locker Clean-Out: Today is locker clean-out at our present middle school building. Students will be bringing EVERYTHING home.  The only items that can stay are the boys basketball PE locker stuff. The last game is the during the first week in December. Boys basketball students can keep their gear in their PE lockers until that last game.  Students who are absent today can clean out their lockers on Friday. Parents can come get their stuff before we go to the HS for the ceremony, or the student can take it with him/her.  

  • Eligibility:  We will not be running eligibility this week because of the move. We will pick up with it again on December 6th.

Please call the office if you have any other questions.