RESPECT: BMS Anti-Bullying Campaign
RESPECT: BMS Anti-Bullying Campaign
Posted on 09/27/2018
Principal Dreitz
RESPECT: BMS Anti-Bullying Campaign:  
Brush Middle School ran an anti-bullying campaign called "RESPECT"  this week to teach students about the effects of bullying on other students. In this program, we taught BMS students what bullying is and is not.  We discussed the differences between conflict and bullying and taught students what to do when they feel like they are in conflict with another student or are being bullied.  Here are some of the details:
  • Bullying: If there is bullying involved, there will be A.) an intent to harm; B.) an imbalance of power; C.) the behavior is repeated.
  • Conflict: A.) Normal difference of opinion; B.)Not likely to be repeated on purpose; C.) Happens to everyone; D.) There is no imbalance of power (Often times picking back and forth)
Four Types of Bullying:  Physical, Verbal, Relational, and Destruction of Property
Two Modes of Bullying: Direct and indirect
Four Roles in Bullying:  Perpetrator (Bully), Victim, Bully-Victim (Both people are bullying and being bullied); and Bystander
Cyberbullying:  NOT a type of bullying.  It spans across other Types of Bullying.  It's a LOCATION...where the bullying takes place.  If you feel your child is being cyberbullied, please take a picture of the words that are appearing on any type of social media and bring it to the school to show administration or call the police.
What should students do if they feel they are being bullied?
  • Use the STOP signal that is a hand signal that says "STOP."
  • If the STOP signal does not work, the student should walk away
  • If this still doesn't work, students should talk to an adult in the building or a parent/guardian
  • Parents and students can contact Safe2Tell at 877-542-7233 or go online to
Please remember that we cannot do anything about bullying unless we know about it.  If your child is reporting that he or she feels bullied, please contact Mr. Albo, Ms. Schamberger, or Mrs. Dreitz.