Brush Middle School is going to one-on-one Chromebooks this year!
Posted on 08/24/2018
Principal Dreitz
Dear Parents/Guardians: Good News!  Brush Middle School is going to one-on-one Chromebooks this year! We will start the year by keeping all Chromebooks at school.  We will eventually allow 8th grade students to take their devices home. I will inform parents when this  will happen at a future time.   We will be checking out these Chromebooks this week to students, and the devices will be used individually by them throughout the day but will stay plugged in at night at BMS.  Because the student will have the same device all day, parents/guardians will need to read and sign the One-to-One RUP (Student and Parent: Responsible Use Agreement for At-home Devices) before a Chromebook can be checked out to your child.  Because these will be used in each classroom, it is imperative that you do this as soon as possible before next Tuesday, August 21st.   Each student will be responsible for the care and upkeep of his or her Chromebook. You can purchase a case for your child's Chromebook from any Chromebook dealer for approximately $15.  Please remember that your child is responsible for this device. We will be discussing expectations at length in Brush Pride and within students' classrooms.   

Thank you.

Connie Dreitz, Principal

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