What's Happening

Principal Dreitz
From the Principal's Desk - Project Citizen
Posted on 10/24/2014
6th grade students in an elective class called "Project Citizen" analyzed local problems and came up with a local policy issue, which is a local recreation center proposal that will be presented to city officials next week. Their next step is to present to the City Council to see if their action plan will be moved forward into a ballot item for the next year's election.   READ MORE...
Principal Dreitz
From the Principal's Desk - Upcoming Events
Posted on 09/30/2014
Thank you, parents, for your cooperation with our north parking lot. It is working out great! The after-school parking situation is getting better. Please remember that we have created three lanes. The two sides are for parking, and the center lane is for exiting once you pick up your child. Thank you again for your cooperation regarding this situation!  READ MORE...
Principal Dreitz
From the Principal's Desk - BMS Parking Changes
Posted on 09/16/2014
Brush Middle School is going to be changing our parking situation in the back parking lots. Starting on Monday, September 22nd, anyone dropping off or picking up students or anyone wanting to park in any of the back or side parking lots must enter on Colorado Avenue on the east end of the building at point A (see the enclosed map) and then exit on the north end of the parking lot by the bus barn at point C.  READ MORE...
Dr. Johnstone
From the Superintendent's Desk - Transportation (Town Route)
Posted on 09/08/2014
Let’s talk about transportation. We have had a concern raised about transportation this past week, specifically the town route being reorganized and the lack of communication with parents around the town route.   READ MORE...